Nome Census Area Civil Services (Alaska)

An Employment Department connects employers to qualified workers and provides support services for unemployed workers and workers with disabilities in Nome Census Area, Alaska. Employment Departments provide a range of Nome Census Area employment services, including job centers, resume assistance, job fair announcements, and employment workshops. They may also provide several other %location% civil services, including access to recruitment services for public jobs and in-person access to computers, phones, and office equipment. Employment Departments in Alaska offer more information about their services online.

Alaska Employment Department Nome AK 320 Front Street 99762 907-443-2626

An Unemployment Office provides support for unemployed workers, including both public and private employees in Nome Census Area, Alaska. Nome Census Area Unemployment Offices provide financial assistance in the form of unemployment insurance, and they can help qualifying workers apply for weekly or monthly payments. They also provide employment services, including online job centers, resume assistance, and employment workshops. Unemployment Offices in Alaska provide access to recruitment services for public jobs. For more information on civil services at an Unemployment Office, visit their website.

Nome Job Center Nome AK 214 Front Street 99762 907-443-2626